The fight against Fake Medicines

Welcome To Uthabiti

From an Idea to a plan, to creating continuous positive change one drug after another.

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Past, Present & Future

African lives are under constant threat. The constant exposure to unsafe medicines has caused lives. We have succumbed to, unwanted pregnancies and at worst death, caused by counterfeit contraceptives, ARVS among more like malaria tabs. More to these companies loose annual revenues of up to KES 9Billion from counterfeit trade. The WHO states we lose up to 100,000 lives annually because of fake health products. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board, states up to 30% of health products in Kenya are counterfeit. Uthabiti seeks to streamline the pharmaceutical supply chain through blockchain technology. We using of Blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical supply chain to set us apart from other organizations working in the same field. We are able to transfer information from the manufacturer on the products made and supplied to distributors, then to retailers who will sell to patients. Manufacturers allow us to lock the batch numbers of each product in our system and with no alteration, continuously undergo screening. Patients referred to specific pharmacies or buying using our mobile app can use the app to scan the medicine’s batch number to verify its authenticity before consumption

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Our Services and Products

Our commitment towards achieving creating sustainable community development has been realized through:

Practice Areas

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Consult a doctor

Feeling unwell? or are you unsure of your health condition? And you have no idea what medical attention you need. Worry not, our medical consultants are right at the click of your phone. Chat with them and let them prescribe the best medicine or health product for you

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Order Health Product

From your phone, you could virtually walk into a registered and licensed drug store, check their inventory, if they have your choice of products, check their price, then yes – make a decision; to buy or to walk out and visit another store.

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Door step delivery

Feeling drowsy? tired? Ill? Or you just do not want to leave your comfort space. Do not worry, our team of young energetic individuals will do the work for you. Trust us, to deliver your health products right at your doorstep in a timely fashion!

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Visit our very own essential health products online store. We focus on feminine hygiene, sexual health, skin care and beauty, and Mother, pregnancy and baby health products. All available at affordable prices. We deliver orders free.

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Uthabiti App

Visit Play Store and download Uthabiti App today. Access a range of your nearby pharmaceutical stores, query prices, consult doctors and if in need, order your products at a touch of a button.

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Uthabiti Pharmacies

Coming soon to your nearest town. Affordable, Quality and reliable health products!

Our Team

A team of young individuals who came together with the hope of changing the world through pharmaceutical science.

Our Team

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Towett Ngetich

“Uthabiti is an idea brought to life by the challenges we have faced as youths growing in a society with unregulated services or products. Not all that is served is what its said to be. Through blockchain we are changing the Narrative. Building trust in the pharmaceutical chain”

A people’s expert by profession. A software developer and serves as the Chief Executive Officer Uthabiti Health. At 21 he received the Queens Young Leader award by her majesty Queen Elizabeth.

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Everlyne Achieng

“Healthcare is the backbone of every society. The pharmaceutical industry is on a raise, our population doubles with time. The quicker we edge in to fake medicines the faster we build an indigenous pharmaceuticals that heal our indigenous health problems”

Everlyne is a doctor by profession. Her extensive works in medical and pharmaceutical science research has positioned her as Uthabiti’s lead researcher. She serves as Uthabiti Health President.In 2017, she was listed among top 100 Africa’s Brightest Young Minds.

Contact Us

If this interests you, have questions or want to talk about the future of pharmaceuticals in Africa. Please reach us, lets discuss and build progressive partnerships.